Dads, let’s say you want to clean up the clutter around your house, but it’s everywhere and it’s overwhelming. Use the handy tool that almost everyone owns: the Card table.

Step 1:  Set up the Card Table in the middle of a room where much of the clutter is.
Step 2:  Go around the entire area, bringing all of the clutter to the card table.
Step 3:  Now that the clutter objects are in one spot, briefly sort them and disseminate them to their proper locations.
Step 4:  (Very Important) Put down the Card table.

Comments –
– It makes things less overwhelming to split up the ‘Find the clutter’ and ‘Put away the clutter’ steps.
– Get your kids to help with these steps. One time we played a game to see if Daddy could find clutter faster than the kids (with Mom’s help) could put it away.
– This may make it so you have to go to the garbage can, or the Lego bin, or the crafts supply box only once.
– Just like you shouldn’t go to bed angry. You should also not go to bed with a clutter table in your living room.

Does anyone have any tweaks to suggest for this list?