. . . and by ‘tragedy’ I mean ‘Minor Inconvenience’.

Question: What do a Mcdonalds french fry container, a frisbee and a empty yogurt cup have in common?

Explanation: Last night we were at Indian Mounds Park, at a nice little spot overlooking the Mighty Mississippi and the kids had already cheered when they heard that Debbie had made Tuna Noodle Casserole, one of their favorites.  But then we realized that we had forgotten the paper bowls that Debbie had taken out for the picnic, which was what we were going to serve the casserole with. We had one paper plate and a tupperware container, but that wasn’t enough. What can we do?

So JamDad went back to the van and looked around.

Answer: All of these objects can be used to serve tuna noodle casserole on. I had the pleasure of using the Mcdonalds french fry container.

Sometimes little tragedies can be turned into family funny stories.


Jamfam Picnic Update –

Question: On our way to 100 picnics in 2010, how far are we at this point?

Answer: 75 on August 15