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Earlier this week, I mentioned that the Fighter Verses Song ministry was on the radio. If you’d like to listen to that broadcast right now, you can go listen to Monday and Tuesday’s broadcasts.

But I thought you might also be interested to know that we’ve decided to give away the newest CD (scheduled to be out this summer) to 3 different winners. And there are six ways to enter.

So far, there haven’t been that many people who have entered, so at this point your odds of winning are pretty good.

Head on over to the Fighter Verse Songs Blog to get the details.


. . . with kid pictures at the bottom.

I’m finally able to announce the winners for the Fighter Verse Song CD.

Winners Of One CD
Steve Burchett
Patrick B

Grand Prize Winner Of 3 CDs
Kathy Lewis*

The reason it took me this long to post the winners, however, is this:

I’ve been feeling bad about how many commenters put up comments like “I really hope I win it!” and I’ve been hoping out to work out a deal with Children’s Desiring God, our partnering ministry, so that those who didn’t win could get the CDs cheaper.

I’ve just spoken with Brian, the head of CDG and he likes the idea of (for one week only) allowing you to purchase your own copies of the CD for the cheaper price of $5 – down from the normal price of $7.50.

Here’s what you do:  Call 888-346-4700 and mention the “Scott Jamison Blog” and they’ll let you purchase them for that price. We’ve decided to open this up not just to those who entered, but anyone.

Two more favors to ask you:

(1) If you know other people who might be interested in this, let them know.
(2) If you get the CD, and like it, can you comment or send me a note telling me this?

* Some of you might be thinking that since Kathy is (A) my Aunt, and (B) she’s always said nice and encouraging things about our kid’s music, and (C) she gives us a place to stay every year up on the North Shore – some of you might be thinking that the fact that all this is true points to Bias on my part.  Honestly, I’m shocked that you would consider me capable of such underhanded dealings. But in case you want evidense that everything is on the up & up . . . Here Be Proof.

Cutting Up The Names

Cutting Up The Names

More Cutting Up Names

More Cutting Up Names

Putting the Names Into The Ukelele Case

Putting the Names Into The Ukelele Case

Erik Pulling Out First Winner

Foster Pulling Out First Winner

Anna Drawing Grand Prize Winner

Anna Drawing Grand Prize Winner


You see? It’s all good.

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