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As you know, our family has made a habit of going on a lot of picnics, and I keep track of them. A few years back, we celebrated the 100th Picnic in one year with four other families.

Well, after fifteen years of doing this we were at 983…988…991 and I saw that we were getting close to 1K. So I asked if people wanted to celebrate our 1000th picnic with us. 10 Families said yes. We did it in our back yard and there was much joy.

We thank God.


Here’s some “Crucial JamFam ‘1000 Picnics’ Information”:
Unique Picnic Spots: 349
Rivers We Picnicked By: 36
Unique Spots on the Mississippi: 37
Lakes We Picnicked by: 106
Unique Spots on Superior: 35
Spots We Picnicked at Only Once: 194
States Picnicked In: 12


When we started keeping track in 2001, we had three kids and the oldest was three years old. We’ve been blessed.



[This might be helpful for all families, but I think it’s especially helpful for large families]

Dads, at the dinner table, my wife and I tell our kids a modified version of Luke 19:26:

‘We tell you that to everyone who eats, more will be given, but from the one who eats not, even what he has will be taken away.’

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