So earlier this year we were invited by Uncle Vern and Aunt Kathy to go to the Minnesota Zoo with them. As it turns out, it’s actually cheaper for our family to get a yearly membership than to get tickets for ourselves once.  So that’s what we did.

Fairly early in our visit we went to see the Prairie Dogs. They’re so cute and funny as they scamper around, aren’t they? But look closer:

Bottom Left: Two ‘cute and cuddly’ prairie dogs.

Top Left: A distant Bison out on the hill

In Front of the Rock on the Left: The Results from the last time a bison wandered into the prairie dog den.

Moral: Hope you and your kids aren’t there to witness this bloody slaughter when it happens again.


And then, of course we went to see the large aquarium.

Wait a second, how did she get in there!