Dads (okay, Dad’s in the northern part of the US and similar climes), you have a unique opportunity and a narrow window of time right now to enjoy nature as it rarely is.

Go right now, with your kids, on a walk through any woods (the bigger the better) and you will experience this rare combination:

1. Dry (as in snow-less and mud-less) ground.

2. Air temperatures comfortable to walk in.

3. Mostly leafless trees.

Your first thought might be – but green is what I want! Trees without leaves aren’t beautiful.

If you’re saying this, I’m guessing you haven’t tried it. It not unbeautiful, it’s just a different kind of beauty. God uses a different pallet in this part of spring. Look at the woods. And then look through them. You can see greater distances these days.

In the Twin Cities, I recommend Fort Snelling State Park

Okay, I just checked – don’t go there right now. It’s flooded.

So . . . How about William O’Brien?