Over at my other blog, for the first year or so, I used to post entries every Saturday into the ‘Saturday Poem’ category there. Thirteen of them are of the same type, a poem about truths learned while out with my family at beautiful (with one exception) locations. I thought it would be handy (at least to me) to have these specific poems listed in one place. Here you go.

All locations are Minnesota, unless noted. And all of them are a specific spot in the named location.  I recommend Mystery European City (read to the bottom), Daniel’s Broken Arm and any poem with a location that you’ve been to.

Minnesota State Fair
Split Rock State Park
Grand Marais
The Arch, St.Louis, Missouri
Red Wing
Atlanta, Georgia (Daniel’s Broken Arm)
Cascade Lodge, Lutsen
Mystery European City
Devil’s Tower, WY
Wild River State Park
Frontenac State Park
Door County, Wisconsin
Wild River State Park 2
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
Wild River State Park 3