I just realized that it’s more than three months since Christmas and more than a month since I posted the front of our families Christmas Card.

So here’s the back. It is comprised of entries from my kids’ journals.

I loved to see your comments on your favorite story here.


(Jan 10) Adelyn worked quite awhile making a penny based artwork drawing of a girl on the floor. It was pretty impressive. Her comment about it was: “If you make she (her) holding a penny, it would be hard to notice”

(Jan 20) Carl created a power point presentation with no help from us, having just discovered power point on his own.

(Jan 22) Foster laughed while Anna was helping to change his diaper. It was a very happy sound.

(Feb 22) Today he was dedicated at church and he did well until Pastor David started praying and then he cried hard.

(Mar 5) The kids discovered that parts of the walls are magnetic, so the kids went through the trying to find those spots and putting magnets there. (When Carl saw this journal entry he said “Actually ‘Magnetic’ is the wrong word. You can see what it’s supposed to mean, but technically it’s wrong”)

(Mar 7) Carl is taking it upon himself to multiple times a day collect sap from the maple trees. He created an excel file (with formulas) to keep track of it.

(Mar 8 ) Adelyn going downstairs to watch a movie said “Can we watch the left-overs?” (She meant ‘extras’)

(Apr 5) Today on the way to church, Barrett said “It looks like spring . . . . sort of … except everything’s white.”

(Apr 9) Today I was trying to recite Psalm 34 to Daniel and I got stuck at a part. Anna continued it for me. I was impressed.

(Apr 30) Debbie was giving me a hug before I left for work this morning and Erik walked up and gave us a big embrace, saying “Hug Group!”

(May 16) Carl, Daniel and Barrett worked together to mow the lawn (I was the manager), Carl rode the rider, and Daniel and Barrett switched off between the push-motor and the push-non-motor. I’m pleased.

(July 12) Today we were talking about the meaning of the word “Premium” and we were wondering what it’s history was. Daniel said “I think the word ‘Premium’ is based on the Latin word ‘premium’.”

(July 28) Anna continues to be our best geocache finder. Today she found one before 8 other kids and 2 adults.

(July 30) While doing spelling with Debbie, Barrett (after having difficulty with first four words) asked, “Can I just tell you the letters, but not in the right order?”

(Aug 1) While they were waiting for Barrett’s prescription to be filled, Barrett sat on a chair while Debbie went to get a couple things. Barrett asked – “Will you be within eyeshot?”

(Aug 6) Today Foster was sitting in his highchair while we were eating supper and he spit up significantly all over the tray. Adelyn said “He’s losing my appetite.”

(Aug 20)Adelyn asked Debbie, “So the [dental] fillings they made “back then” weren’t as good?”. And Debbie asked “Why?”  “You said they were made out of Mars.” She meant mercury.

(Sept 4) Today we were all eating caramels and Carl suddenly said “Hey, someone’s tooth is in this! Wait, it’s mine.”

(Sept 11) We officially adopted Foster today in Ramsey County court.

(Sept 19) Today I went on a bike trip with Carl, Daniel and Barrett and Barrett did quite well, usually way ahead of us. When this happened on a pretty steep hill, I pointed it out to the other boys. Daniel said “That’s not going to make me go faster.” He’s on to me.

(Sept 19) Today Adelyn was pushing Foster (who was buckled in his carseat, on the umbrella stroller) up a steep bikepath. Suddenly Foster’s carseat fell forward and upside down.  Gasping, we rushed to help him. But he was smiling and amused, hanging there upside down.

(Oct 4) Today I wanted to go outside with them and try out the new arrows and BB gun. I said “Let’s go shoot stuff.” They all cheered and followed me and Erik said, “What shoe stuff?”

(Nov 22) Barrett said something like this today: “You can tell boys from girls because girls don’t have anything on them and boys have hats.”