Here on January First, 2014, I’m starting a new set of posts about Dads and Anger

Question 1. Why Dads (and not Moms)?
(A) I think that dads, as God’s leaders of homes (in most situations), have a bigger responsibility to stay under control.
(B) I think dads are more likely than moms to lose their temper.
(C) I think dads do more damage to families with their anger than moms do.
(D) I will leave it to a woman to write posts about Moms and Anger. I think that men should advise and lecture men and women should advise and lecture women.
(E) If you are bothered by any of these, feel free to apply the posts to moms. Many of the ideas cross gender.

Question 2. Why Anger?D&A1
(A) Sinful anger harms and sometimes destoys relationships.
(B) Sinful anger pushes people away from the Gospel.
(C) Most anger shown by dads is sinful.

Question 3. Have you, Scott Jamison, had issues with sinful anger as a dad?
Answer: Yes. Verbal anger, not physical anger.  By God’s grace, I’ve been seeing improvement. But it is one of the reasons I have thoughts about this. Thoughts I’d like to share. But I do not want people to think I’m perfect in this area. And yes, I continue to be aware of the Advice Giver’s Dilemma.

Perhaps I should have titled this blog series: “Christian Dads and Anger”, or “Bible Believing Dads and Anger”, because most of my reason for believing what I’m writing is based on scripture. If you don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God, then there will be little reason for you to believe what I’m saying.

I’m going to try to post three or four times a week for as long as possible. Let’s see how far I get.

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