Last week I suggested that you don’t need to expect perfection when it comes to Bible Times with your kids, but –

Dad, if there are things you can d0 to make your Bible Times with your kids more distraction free, by all means do it*.

This may take some proactivity:

-Are there kids who need to go to the bathroom first?

– Are there young kids who could use a little children’s Bible to keep them occupied during your reading time?

– Do you allow the eating of snacks during Bible time? Have the kids get them first?

– Are there some kids who shouldn’t sit together?

– Are there other kinds of distractions you can prevent?

Then by all means, do so.

One other idea – we have  a rule that if a child must get up to get something or do something they can only do so if there are no other children up already.

* My wife is afraid that I’m going to come off as someone who thinks he’s awesome because I talk like I’ve got everything figured out. Please know that I’m aware that I don’t follow my own advice here (or anywhere) nearly enough.