Dads, when* you do a Bible study with your kids, don’t expect perfection. Don’t call it a failure if you’re interrupted when a little fight breaks out between kids, or by someone having to go to the bathroom, or if someone really really wanting to sit with their stuffed walrus Frederick, or a child is saying they’re starving or by a child who doesn’t understand what you’re talking about and needs to have it explained, or by your three year old exclaims, “she’s looking at me!”, or when the conversation is sidetracked as they ask why the prodigal son didn’t figure out sooner that he needed to go home.

Because in this case, a lack of perfection is certain to happen occasionally (or even most of the time). And if you feel like you’ve failed every time it’s not perfect you will get discouraged and be tempted to stop trying. And if you give into that temptation it really will be failure.

* If you aren’t doing some kind of Bible study with your kids, then start. Today.