(i.e. demolition)

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen, and not being a family with vast resources of wealth at our disposal, we are doing as much as we have the skill to do on our own.

This weekend’s goal: Prepare the floor for the new wood flooring – this mean using tools to pry up the old particle board. Not really that easy.

So Saturday morning at 9:00, I set to it, with the five foot long crow bar our flooring guy had loaned to us.

Barrett was helping me by putting our little crow bar under the board so I could position the big crow bar under there farther.

After some time, I got warm and went to change cooler clothing and when I got back, this is what I saw:

In the off chance that these pictures aren’t completely discriptatory,

(1) Barrett was working the big crowbar,
(2) Anna was assisting with the little crowbar,
(3) Adelyn and Erik were pounding the nails down on the pieces that Barrett and Anna had already pulled up.

They worked together in this way for a significant portion of the flooring. All I had to do was bring the flooring outside to the junk pile.

And they did this without me asking them to.

I was grateful.