We went to Yellowstone a few weeks back.

Neither Debbie or I have seen real mountains since our oldest was less than a year old, so we were looking forward to this aspect of our trip. From the moment we drove over the hill in Billings and I pointed into the distance and said “I think those are mountains,” Debbie continuously remarked at how much awe they inspired in her.

It was a great experience to stay at nice a log cabin in the Valley heading into Yellowstone from the North and as we headed over passes and looked out over the expanses, we reveled in the hugeness of what God has created.

So on our way out, we were going to take the advice of two people who knew about the Yellowstone area and leave through the Beartooth pass. But when we got there it was . . . closed. So we went south through Cody, and it wasn’t until we were a few minutes east of Cody that I noticed that I could no longer see the mountains.

I mentioned this to Debbie and she grieved as she realized that she didn’t get a last look at the Rocky Mountains. I felt sad for her.

Now while were weren’t going to let this ruin our vacation, it still was a dark moment.

Until I looked ahead on the map. Hmmm. What are the “Big Horn Mountains”?

Are they significant?

It turns out, they are!

We had a pleasant time as we drove through the TenSleep Pass and as it turned out, we got 1000 feet higher than we had been so far.

Debbie was satisfied. I thank God for how it worked out.