Don’t let the lowest moment of a trip dominate your memory of it.

. . . or your feelings about the trip while you’re in it.

Here is an idea you have to get used as you go on vacation: It is quite likely that bad things will happen on the trip. Not until Heaven are we guaranteed otherwise.

So someone may get injured, or a great attraction will be closed, or you might have car trouble or the weather will be horrid, or a fight might break out. And for a moment you might think “The trip will be ruined.”

But while I say that moments like this will likely happened, I think it is also very likely that the trip won’t actually be ruined. You’ll look back and say “That wasn’t as big a deal as I feared it was going to be.”

This is the way it should be. Don’t allow it to be other wise. Don’t think, “Never again – it’s not worth it if things like that might happen.”

No, instead remember the good point. The moment that were you surprised by the joy you experienced.  Focus on that.

And then thank and glorify God for it. It is all grace. Every good moment we get is Grace.

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