Again, since I just put up my Piper quotes it seems like a good time to post some from his grandson.

Orison is almost 6. Used By Permission.

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From A Boy Named Orison

  • Dad, you’ll carry the Christmas tree. Mommy, you’ll carry the Advent calendar. And I’ll carry the boxes. Ready… set… go!
  • The Cymbal means that fellowship is about to start.
  • I miss you [Mom]. I hope you’re having a good time. Dad! Why did you laugh about it? I’m serious.
  • Why is the night sad? Cause’ we gotta go to bed.
  • We wish you a merry Christmas and all that you have.
  • Do you want to come color in my dinosaur coloring book and think about when they died?
  • Daddy, when I’m asleep and you check on me before you go to bed, will you please say, “I’m here.”
  • [My ponytail] keeps the hair outa my face. You gonna put it on twitter?
  • I’m so high I can’t tell.
  • “Private Predges” (Pride and Prejudice) was way before cars. Why did they ride horses all the time? And why didn’t they say giddyup? They just said “Drive on.”
  • I really want some crackers. I really want some crackers. Now my story is all told.
  • I meant like pillaging a town. He fell on his pillaging a town.*
  • He was standing in the tub. I didn’t [hit him]. I helped him sit down.
  • Did you know that cold milk and cold milk makes cold milk colder?
  • Speed skating is easy, as long as it doesn’t get me in pain.
  • Hi Jayhawks, I’m hoping to come to one of your shows.
  • I do like Billy Bragg more than Jayhawks. . .Oh. . . I mean I like it as much as Jayhawks.
  • God makes people. Satan makes trouble.
  • When I’m 65 and I still live with you. . .
  • Love between a woman and a man is a nature good thing

And one final oddly poignant Orison quote:

Here. I have 2 hands. One is for Mama and one is for Felicity, cuz mama’s not here and Felicity’s dead.


* Bonus points if you know what his original word was.

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