3 Lists –

Reasons To Encourage Your Child To Help Out
1. It teaches them skills they will need to learn eventually
2. It teaches them to be non-lazy
3. It shows the value of working together
4. It helps them feel useful
5. Your family will be more productive
6. Your wife will have less work to do

Good Reasons For Not Encouraging Your Child To Help
1. They aren’t skilled enough to do this job right now.
2. They have school work to do. / It’s time for bed.
3. They’ve worked more hours than you today.

Bad Reasons For Not Encouraging Your Child To Help

1. I don’t feel like teaching them this skill.
They have to learn it someday, why not now?
2. They won’t do it as well as me.
Does that really matter?
3. They’ll take longer to do it than I would.
If it frees you to do other work, this is not an issue
4. I don’t want to be a slave driver.
Is the time your child spends doing schoolwork or household
less than a half of the time you spend working? If not,
this is not an issue.

5. The child really doesn’t want to.
This is a good time to teach them that sometimes you have
to do things you don’t want to do.

6. They’re being so good and quiet watching TV/playing a video game.
It’s not worth the quiet.