As I mentioned in the comments over at Stuff Christians Like. . .

Dads, I talked before about journaling about important events your children go through. One must admit, the day your child is saved by God is a very important event. So write it down.

Say, for example, one day your daughter comes home from school and asks what she must do to be saved. And you tell her. And she says yes. And you talk about it, and then she prays.*

Maybe tomorrow you will remember what she said in your discussion and what she prayed, and maybe next week. But you won’t remember in a year. And she won’t remember the details in five, fifteen or fifty years when she gives her testimony.

So give her a gift. Describe what happened. Read it to her to see if you have it right. And then keep it safe.

Maybe someday a biographer will thank you. And certainly your child will.

* Whether or not this is the exact moment she become a follower of Christ, I cannot say. Nor, perhaps, can you. But record it anyway.