Readers of this blog will remember that it is the JamFam goal to go on one hundred picnics this year, 2010, which happens to be our tenth year of going on picnics. I thought some of you might be interested in how far along we are in this endeavor.

We didn’t plan it to work out like this but . . .

(1) Today is the last day of the first half of the year, and
(2) Today we went on our 50th picnic.

So progress is being made. We’ll see about finishing. An early winter might make it impossible. But we’re shooting for it.

And happily our kids are not getting sick of it, and are, in fact, commonly requesting more.

Picnic #29: State Capital Mall

One more point (not related to the picture): Yesterday we went to a park that I had heard of in Northern Maplewood called Sunset Ridge. It turned out to have a surprising and spectacular view to the south and West. We could see both Twin City downtowns, the State Capital Building and the Cathedral that St. Paul is named after. Beautiful. Plus a park and a swinging bench that seemed to be popular with couples.

We recommend it.