As many Responsible readers know, the Jamisons like going on picnics and we go on a lot of them.  For the past several years we have been increasing the number of picnics that we have experienced together as a family and in 2009 we went on 92 picnics.

This year, 2010, will be the 10th year we’ve done this, and I am hoping to make it to 100. I have no idea if we’re going to be successful*. We’ll see.

We have in the past, had some difficulty deciding what we would call a picnic. For example, for a meal to be a picnic, doesn’t it have to be outdoors? It turns out, no. No, it doesn’t.

We have decided that if a meal (A) takes place in a winter month, (B) is eaten on the floor on a picnic blanket or at a picnic table, (C) has picnic-like foodstuffs, and (D) is in a park of some sort. . . well, then we’re calling it a picnic!

So today we sat on our big blanket eating subway sandwiches and drinking out of our picnic bottles, in front of a the big windows of the great hall at the new Silverwood Park Center overlooking the frozen lake.

Imagine this with snow

. . . and when a lady walked by and said, “That looks like a nice place for a picnic!” I was gratified.

So off we go. Only 99 left.

If you and your family would like to meet us on a picnic sometime this year, let us know!

* I was tempted, momentarily, to ask you to pray for us in this endeavor, but that seems a rather silly prayer for us, doesn’t it? By all means, if you have an inkling to pray for us, please do so, but I request that you pray for something more substantial than a lot of picnics. Salvation for all of our kids, for example.