I’ve mentioned that on Saturdays I sometimes jog 2 miles and when I do this, I usually have 4 of 5 of my kids biking and rollerblading along with me.

This saturday, I was standing at the end of the driveway with some of the exercisers, (waiting for the rest of them) and daughter Adelyn (just turned 7 1/2) was explaining to me that when a car goes by they either go towards the garage, or stand very still so as not to make the car drivers nervous that they’re about to go into the road.

And she said “But on a cold day like this we freeze, literally*, because we’re frozen from the cold. Get it?”

Yes, she’s only seven and she’s using the word ‘literally’ correctly! In a joke, even!

And for those of you keeping score –

Jamfam Picnic Count: 86  — Last years record: 81

*Okay, she actually said “Lirally”. But she knows what she’s trying to say.