. . . and your family!

Last March, I told you how JamFam (my family) proactively avoids difficulties with the Spring Daylight savings clock change.

Now the Fall Daylight Savings Clock Change approaches and this one you can use to your advantage.

Are you the sort that wishes you could start waking up earlier or get an earlier schedule? This weekend’s time change makes this easy for you. Just don’t change the clocks back an hour. You’ll wake up early and feel like you have an extra hour to do things before church.

And then when Monday comes, you can get up an hour early and get to work earlier, or get your kids breakfasted and homeschooled earlier (or – if they go to school – I imagine there are things you and they would like to do together before hand – like a family Bible Study, or exercising, or reading outloud).

The only drawback is you don’t get to sleep in this Sunday – deal with it.

This is, so to speak, Molly Piper’s
Plan only backwards. Or something.