7 Occasions when it’s okay to have good feelings* about your child’s sadness**:

  1. When they are experiencing grief over their own sin.
  2. When a vacation is over.
  3. When a grandparent or another loved one has died.***
  4. When the child is experiencing empathy over someone else’s tragedy.
  5. When they are experiencing grief over someone else’s sin.
  6. When they lose something forever.
  7. When the child is sad about an unsaved person.

Am I missing any? I sure like to hear your suggestions.

* I struggled with what word to use. Happy is too strong, Peaceful is too weak.

** i.e. preferring it to the alternative (them not being saddened)

*** This was the first item on this list. I was surprised by the slight joy that I felt seeing how sad my kids were when they heard that my Dad died. I thought, “They must love him.”