So this summer I was in a discussion with three moms (one of them my wife) who have between the experience of giving birth 17 times. I mentioned my hope that someday my wife might have the chance to be in a delivery room as a witness, not as the laborer; to experience it from the standpoint of someone other than the Mom giving birth.

She said, and the other two women agreed, that she had no interest – there seemed to be strong agreement among them that they seen enough of that particular hospital room. No thanks.

Let me say this, as someone who has done this thing that none of them has – Women, while the labor witness experience is not pleasurable (how could it be, watching someone in pain?) it is nevertheless an honor to be there. It is an experience that is worth it. You get to see the first moments of a child’s postnatal life. A child made in the image of God. It is incredible.

I’m not saying that you should beg someone to let you do this. Rather, I’m saying that if offered the opportunity from someone you love (say, a sister or a daughter), consider taking it.