I recently posted 11 things I learned recently while on a trip with my wife.

Here (on our actual 15th anniversary) are –

15 Things I Already Knew About My Wife

1. She’s an awesomely talented soprano.
2. She’s more organized than me, and I’m fairly organized.
3. She’s a beginner.
4. She dreams. Good dreams.
5. She is very interested in the state of our children’s hearts.
6. She holds me back from foolishness.
7. She likes picnics, State Parks, and Lake Superior.
8. She makes great brownies. She once made a pan for me to bring to work and the serious older programmer suggested that I ask her to bring them in once a week. He suggested Mondays.
9. She has the right amount of interest in making herself attractive.
10. She is not a legalist.
11. She has strong, cute, perceiving eyes that flash with beauty.
12. She censored censored censored censored.
13. She never lies.
14. She has infected our kids with the goal of having a larger family.
15. She loves me.