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My Brother-In-Law Phil works at Family Life Ministries  and he is one of their radio show producers.

A while back (several years ago) he asked me to write  a sketch on the topic of Christmas, which I did. They produced it and they have used it in several of the Decembers since. It’s called the Happy Hyper Holiday Helper

This year they are using it in their Family Life This Week program this weekend about twenty minutes into the show (click here to find out where you can listen to it – (twin cities KTIS AM four different broadcasts))

Or if you want, you can listen to it here right now!*

Thanks to Andy for his help with this.

* Yes, I’d love to embed this. As far as I can determine – wordpress won’t let me. Any tips?


As I was trying to figure out the scope and mission of this blog, I took some time to figure out what I should name it. Here are some of the names deemed less good.

Top Ten Rejected Names For This Blog:

10. The Hatin’ Satan Dad

9. Quiver-Filler.

8. JamDad

7. Spot the Typo! (Sorry, that’s a rejected Game for this blog)

6. The Puppet Father.

5. Papa Do Preach

4. Desiring God (Already Taken – Also ’23 words’ and ‘Scott’s Leftovers’ would have been considered unoriginal.)

3. Responsible Bother

2. Jamsco’s Second Blog

And the number one Rejected Name For This Blog:

That One Guy who has 7 kids and thinks he’s like a genius or something.

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