As I was trying to figure out the scope and mission of this blog, I took some time to figure out what I should name it. Here are some of the names deemed less good.

Top Ten Rejected Names For This Blog:

10. The Hatin’ Satan Dad

9. Quiver-Filler.

8. JamDad

7. Spot the Typo! (Sorry, that’s a rejected Game for this blog)

6. The Puppet Father.

5. Papa Do Preach

4. Desiring God (Already Taken – Also ’23 words’ and ‘Scott’s Leftovers’ would have been considered unoriginal.)

3. Responsible Bother

2. Jamsco’s Second Blog

And the number one Rejected Name For This Blog:

That One Guy who has 7 kids and thinks he’s like a genius or something.