As your kids move into the later teen years and adulthood, are you watching how they treat their family members? One way to envisage how they might treat their future spouse is by looked at how they treat family members, especially family members of the opposite sex, today.

So looking at a daughter, you might want to consider how they treat you or their brothers.

And looking at a son, you might want to consider how they treat their Mom and their sisters.

And a key question is – are they honoring their family members?

Because if they aren’t, if they are acting in ways that disrespects their siblings and parents, it might point to future behavior with their spouses.

And you might want to point that out. “I fear that you might treat your husband like that. And if you do, it won’t be good.”

And mostly likely she’ll say, “my husband is not going to be like my brother”

Or he might say, “my wife is not going to be like Mom”

And then you should respond, “I don’t think you can be sure about that.”

This might be a reason that God commands us to honor our parents.