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Psalm 91:3–4 – Snare

The young bird knew he was in trouble.

Only days ago, he’d learned how to fly, and indeed, his flight was seen by eyes that thought that he was enjoying his time in the air – soaring high and diving low – for hours.

But here he was, caught in the trap. He’d seen the squirrel crawling around on the high rock point and the temptation was too great. There was warning in his mind as he flew down and landed close to it. It could be food. It could be easy food. He hadn’t stopped to consider why this prey was wandering around in the open for any eagle to take. And then he’d stepped where he shouldn’t have and now there was a cord, tight around his left foot – he could go nowhere.

So he was trapped, and he was in trouble. He wanted to fly, but he couldn’t even take more than a few steps. He cried out. He cried out again.

And then his heart started beating faster as he saw a larger creature – one with only two legs and no wings. It was further down, lower on the rock formation. It was climbing up – moving towards him. He didn’t know what to do – he cried again.

And then a stick flew up next to him and clattered on the rock, missing him by only inches. Another stick missed him again, now on the other side. The eagle was able to move two or three feet and get behind a rock.

He cried again. And again. He was trapped and something – the walking thing which was a danger, was moving closer to him. The sticks stopped coming, but he heard the walking thing moving closer. The eagle felt it would be there soon.

But then heard something – something above him – and he changed his gaze from looking down to looking up. His father was flying down – landing next to him. And then his father’s
larger, sharper beak was eating at the cord, ripping at it, chewing on it.

And the climbing sounds of the walker was getting closer.

But … then … his foot was free! The young eagle followed his father up and up and up. More flying sticks came, but they all missed, though some were close.

And as they flew – the young eagle sensed it – storm coming. Wind and rain. Perhaps worse. And almost as soon as he sensed it, the wind blew strong. Flying was hampered, then difficult, then treacherous. He needed shelter.

The young eagle screeched, but the father was near and gave guidance and support.

And then they were there – the large nest. Big enough for father and mother and son. And just in time. The wind got strong and the rain started.

The young eagle knew what to do. He got low in the nest and was still and small. And then he felt his father’s wings coming over him, covering him, protecting him. Giving him refuge from the storm.

He could hear the wind and every once in a while, he felt a drop. But he was safe. He didn’t screech anymore. His heart beat more slowly. He calmed down. He was at peace.

[3] For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler
and from the deadly pestilence.
[4] He will cover you with his pinions,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. (ESV)

In our God, we have a protector who can pull you from the trap. Escape with Him. Fly with Him. Stay with Him.

What are the snares in your life?

Other passages to consider: Psalm 57:1

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