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Proverbs 18:10 – The Army

Pedro was walking near his home, on his way home from his apprenticeship training – he was learning how to work with leather. The walk was on a familiar path that he’d taken, by himself many times. And it had always been a safe road.

But he knew he was in trouble when he saw the army. He’d rounded a corner and then jumped back – throwing himself to the ground. They were still at quite a distance, he saw as he peeked around a tree, still laying on his stomach. Still far, but they were not walking with secrecy – they were coming brashly with some speed. He immediately recognized it as the enemy, the enemy army with its yellow and red banner.

His father had told him that there might be a day when they would hear the trumpet blast and there might be a great threat from this army. They were ruthless. They went from town to town destroying. Pedro’s family knew people who had been killed.

He could hear them laughing harsh laughs. Had they seen him? He feared they had. With relief, he saw that the army was at a crossroads and was heading down the road – not towards him.

But then he spotted an officer calling some mounted men. And Pedro saw this officer point towards him. And then the men kicked at their horses and rode at a gallop straight towards him.

He’d been told what to do if he learned that this army was near their village. He ran. He ran back to town, but not by the road. He headed away from the road, through the woods, woods thick enough – he hoped the branches would hinder the horses.

He ran – his goal was not far, but it was too far. Soon he could hear the horses and they must have been able to determine his direction. Should he have hidden? No, he knew where he needed to go.

He ran – and soon his lungs were hurting and there was blood on his face from being scratched by the pine branches he ducked through.

He ran – and the horses’ footfalls grew louder, and he heard harsh voices “There he is!” And now there were arrows whizzing past him.

And then he was in the open, out of the woods and he saw his goal – a wall, a strong wall with high turrets, with the King’s banner flying. He knew it would be there and he was glad to see it. There were men on the top of the wall and they were yelling for someone to open the door for him – a door he also knew would be there.

And the door was opened as he ran – not very wide, but wide enough.

He slipped through. The guards shut the door. There was the sound of arrows banging against the door and bouncing off.

And then his saw his family in the crowd that had gathered there. They embraced. They smiled.
He was loved inside the tower. The tower builder was inside. The enemy was outside and couldn’t hurt him or his family. He was safe.

[10] The name of the LORD is a strong tower;
the righteous man runs into it and is safe. (ESV)

In our God, we have a place of safety from evil attackers. Safety from eternal harm. Safety from beings who want to destroy us. God protects us, always.

What can God protect you from?

Other passages to consider: Psalm 60:4

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