These are what I think are the main ideas in the gospel. Just for the record.

All of these are important when explaining it to your children. All of them are clearly seen in the Bible

Each human is sinful.
God is holy and just.
Sinful beings cannot enter into communion with a holy God.
Christ lived a human life and never sinned.
Christ willingly died – taking our punishment.
Christ rose again – he has defeated death.
Because of this – if we accept the gift – we can be seen by God as holy.
Salvation is an accomplishment of faith, not of good works.

It’s like this:

The person saved by God will then move towards greater obedience towards Him.
Not this:
A person with greater obedience towards God will then be saved by Him.

Two more thoughts for when you talk about the gospel with your children –

1. Make it personal. Change “Each human is sinful” to “You and I are sinful”

2. Make it big. Our sin isn’t trivial – it’s betrayal. That we can’t be with God is not bad news, it’s the worst possible news. That Jesus has found a way to save us is not good news, it’s the best possible news.

Did I miss anything?