One more time, you can file this one under you-might-not-find-this-in-the-Bible

From my Hypothesis (1) explained in my last post.

Dads, if
(1) you are angry with your child in a certain situation, it means
(2) you think your child is partially responsible for the situation, and,
(3) there is a part of your brain that fears or suspects that you were partially responsible for the situation, so
(4) you’re afraid you did something sinful or unwise to cause this situation.

But what are you afraid your sinful or foolish action was? D&A1

Hypothesis (2) – you were afraid of one of two things:

1. You were afraid that in this situation you were expecting too much from your child, or
2. You were afraid that some time before this situation you have expected too little from your child.

Does that seem reasonable? Possible?

So – right now in this situation where you are angry– which was it?

And whichever it is – what are you going to change to prevent your anger in the future?

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