So now that we are in the coldest part of the year, I thought some summer memories might be encouraging and refreshing. Here goes.

Every year on our North Shore of Lake Superior Trip we spend a few hours on Artist point in Grand Marais. And every year those hours are a highlight of the year, but this summer it looked like our joy there might be dampened.

This was because only a few minutes after we got to the east side of the point, rain clouds came over the hill and we saw that we were going to get rained on. So we packed up quickly and headed back to the car as it started sprinkling. But as it turned out, the rain didn’t end our time there.

Here are some truths we were reminded of as a result of what happened next:

1. Sometimes a dad’s job is to get the mom to do what she might not otherwise want to.

It took some time to get to the center of the point where you cross over to the parking lot near downtown. And as we got there (and as we were standing in the rain) I looked up and saw that there was blue sky past the clouds and it looked like the rain would soon be ending. So I suggested that we just wait it out. Debbie was hesitant at first because we were just getting wetter, because it was still raining, but (to her credit) she fairly quickly agreed.

2. Sometime God ordains that bad things DSC07423will cause better things to happen.

We decided to walk to a section we’d spent very little time at in all of our trips to this point. And there we found a jut-out of rock that was somewhat of a challenge to get to. It was here that we had the most fun we’ve ever had on Artist Point.

If it hadn’t been for the rain, we wouldn’t have stopped at this spot. And for the record, I’d just like to note that I’m aware that in the grand scheme of things, getting rained on is not a very bad thing.

3. Sometimes fear becomes fun.

The jut-out was in the form of a 100 foot oval. At one point this oval was very narrow. 101_0203
The waves were coming fairly strongly and sometimes would spurt up ten feet high. And if you crossed the narrow section at the wrong time you would find yourself getting very wet. The kids at first didn’t want to cross it, but then saw that the challenge created thrills.

4. Wet clothes dry.

Before we were done, all of us had gotten a little wet, and some of us got very wet. Our clothes were dripping. But it was clean water and the next day (or even later that afternoon) no one would have known that we had been drenched. So what’s the big deal?

5. Sometimes Joy can be free.DSC07422

Two of our kids said that this was as good as (or better) than a water park. It would cost us nearly $100 for us to bring our whole family to a water park, so this was very encouraging for my Dad ears to hear.

6. Teenagers and 3-years-olds can find the same thing to be fun.

There were no children that were left out, or thought it was boring, or who couldn’t play along.

I just looked at my journal for that day and it said this:

The water running at Artist point was one of the more perfect times we’ve ever had as a family.

I thank God.