My work’s phone system allows us to save messages left by callers. Over the years I have saved several from my kids, because they remind me why I like them.

Yesterday, we got the memo that we’re getting a new phone message system and all of these messages are going to be deleted. So to prevent them from being lost forever, I have transcribed them.

They made my wife laugh and she suggested that I post them.

So here they are – the first is Daniel and the rest is Barrett.


Hi, Mommy wants to know if you found your note book and if we should look for it. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, and one more ‘Bye’, and this is the real Bye.


Hi this is Barrett, um, We were thinking, well, if you’re going to stay home tomorrow, I mean maybe a little bit early, I mean leave late, . . . um, Carl will make sticky rolls and eggs and bacon for breakfast on Thursday, and he’ll get up really early to make it, too . . .  Or . . . if you’re not going to, we’ll have sticky rolls today and cold cereal tomorrow.

Please call back when you reach this.

Love you, I mean, I love you, Bye


Hello, if you are Scott Jamison please call back. Bye, I love you.


Hi, Um, This is Barrett, Um . .  Us, Daniel and me and Erik, would like to play croquet and I never got the rocket. Do you think you could get the stuff that we need that is there, um, at work – Do you think you could get it there? ‘Cause, I’d like – it would be cool if we could make it next Saturday. I don’t know – not that I want to shoot it off, but I would like to look at it as it is . . built.

So I hope you call back soon, and I love you, Bye


Hi, This is Barrett. If you won’t, if you can’t guess how my eye appointment went, I’ll tell you in ten seconds . . . Okay, I can tell you now. It, um, it was exactly the same as last time. Bye. I love you.


Hi, this is Barrett, and Daniel and me know how to get the sleds down and we really want to because we’re going outside, so if you don’t call quickly we’re just going to get them down. Bye.


Hi, this is Barrett. Um, We don’t have any more gas and the riding lawn more just ran out of gas and Foster wants to say ‘Hi’, Okay? [Foster] The lawn more doesn’t have gas! [Barrett] Now say, ‘hello’. [Foster] Hello! [Barrett] bye bye [Foster] Bye Bye! [Barrett] Okay, bye.