So I was driving our 12 passenger van to Wednesday night church on a fairly busy suburban road and Bang! I heard a very loud noise right next to me. It sounded like someone had thrown a wheelbarrow at our car.

Whatever it was that hit us had turned the driver side mirror, so I couldn’t see what it was that hit us. I pulled off the road and saw that there was indeed a dent on the van. I turned around to find whatever it was that hit me – but I saw nothing that could have been the cause.

And then at church I took another look (getting some input from Andy, who nicely came out to take a look) and saw that the dents were more extensive than I had previously thought. The door also was caved in and the dents were on nearly seven feet of the driver’s side of the door.

I have no proof, but I suspect it was a deer that hit me. It’s weird not knowing. Ideas?

2. Funny kids story: After looking at the van with Andy (and I was carrying my now three year old son Foster) and after I commented that I was going to have to get it fixed, he (Andy) said, “That stinks.”

To which Foster replied, “Yeah, that is Dinx. That is really Dinx.”