Dads, here’s a nightmare scenario that I fear happens too often.

1. Young Child works really hard on a project, hoping to please Dad.

2. Young Child approaches Dad with finished project, but (because of an honest lack of understanding of timing) comes at a time when Dad is (legitimately or illegitimately) really really focused on something else.

3. Dad (because of an honest lack of understanding of the work put into the project) does not give proper attention, amazement or Kudos to Young Child for what they have accomplished.

4. Young Child goes away sad, not understanding why Dad didn’t care about what he/she had done.

Isn’t this one of the worst situations you can imagine? Choose to give good attention to your child’s project even if you’re not sure how important it is. Also – Ask your wife to give you a heads-up when the child has been working hard on something.