Last year my wife directed one of our church’s children’s choirs and for this our family was given a gift card to Chili’s (Thanks, Mr. Shull!) So last night as part of our 12 days of Christmas celebration, we decided to use the card.

Now I am on record that our family generally eschews using the kids menu, so when our server came around, I asked her what their biggest burger was. As it turns out, she said there was an available item that is no longer on the menu* and it turns out, it’s this:

. . .  so we ordered four of them.

It turned out great. These things are messy and twice the size of some of my kids opened mouths, but we cut them up and the kids went after them. And the best part is, I hardly had to pay a tip because the gift card made our meal’s charge so low**.

This was more food and significantly cheaper than getting them all children’s meals. I recommend it.

* You may be wondering why such an awesome item is no longer on the menu – does this answer your question?

** Kidding!