Okay, it looks like the Jamisons are going to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyages Of The Dawn Treader in about 45 minutes and here are my feelings before we go. (I have intentionally not read any reviews but I have seen three previews . . unfortunately)

Here’s what I’m afraid I’ll see:
– Good guys being foolish or wrong-headed needlessly.
– Big departures from the written story
– Eustace being worse that he is in the book.
– Material too scary for my kids

Here’s what I hope I’ll see:
– Very little of the White witch. (She was in the preview, which is disappointing. I hope her appearance is extremely short)
– Lots of what’s in the book.

Here’s what I hope to see in the book but am almost sure that I won’t
– A Lamb turning into a Lion. I can’t imagine this staying in.

I’ll let you know!