Hi, I actually wrote a full post about this historic day in our relationship, but Debbie said “Here, let me write it.”

I’m glad she did.


This year, December 3rd is on Friday, as it was in 1993. December 3rd is a day I always commemorate because December 3, 1993 was a life-changing day for me.

Scott and I had been friends for a long time; we had even dated for a year or so during the five years we had known each other.  But now I was quasi-dating a different guy from Bethel Seminary who was planning on coming to my Minnesota Chorale concert the next weekend.  So Scott and I were “just friends,” but planning on attending the Bethel College Festival of Christmas together.

I had been dreading that Friday morning, however, because I was to finally give the long-feared sermon for the preaching class that I had put off for as long as possible during my years at Bethel Seminary.  As I walked down the stairs that morning to leave my home, I remember being really nervous and thinking, “I want to talk to Scott,” then gasped as I wondered why I wanted to talk to Scott, rather than my “boyfriend.”  That was weird; oh well.

I was giddy with relief when my sermon was finally over, and that afternoon was like the day before Christmas break as I looked forward to meeting Scott for supper before the Festival of Christmas.  I would tell him all about my “preaching” because he found everything I talked about interesting.

Scott and I had a very enjoyable supper, then headed on over to Bethel College where we ran into Scott’s aunt and uncle who eyed us curiously while talking with us politely.  “Oh, no,” I thought, “now they’re going to think we’re dating again!”  On to our seats, where we listened to heavenly music from Handel’s Messiah.

Suddenly, during the “Hallelujah Chorus,” I looked at Scott out of the corner of my eye, saw him enjoying the music as much as me, and thought, “Why didn’t I want to marry Scott?  Hmm.  Right now I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the rest of my life with.”  (And I had dated more than a few guys.)  And then, “Oh my goodness!  Did I just think what I think I thought?  Now what should I do?  Should I TELL him?  I’ve broken up with him TWICE already; if I’m wrong, I can’t break up with him a THIRD  time–after telling him I’ll marry him!!!

To be continued . . .


For the record, I still think what she talks about is interesting – Scott