Dads, suppose you and your child are in a disagreement about something that they want to have happen and you have decided will not happen and the option of changing your mind has passed.

Perhaps you might have considered it, but your son or daughter has spoken disrespectfully or it is obvious that they are idolizing it.  Or it is simply an unwise idea.

So you have decided to stand your ground. Have you told them this?

“Son, you’re not going to win* this one”
“Honey, I’ve made up my mind on this.”
“Youngster, you need to realize that my decision in this matter stands and no attempt on your part will change it. Further pleas for a reevaluation will be seen by me as disobedience and you will be disciplined for it.”

There are two benefits here:  (1) It will help them see the necessity of letting it go, and (2) It will firm up your resolve, if it needed any firming up.

* I am using the term “win” lightly here.