Make Note Of Notables And Get Closure

When we’re on the road and we cross over to another state, I say “Bye Minnesota!”

And my kids all say “Bye Minnesota!”

And then, Me: “Hello Wisconsin!”

And them: “Hello Wisconsin!”

This has a few benefits:

1. It gets everyone on the same page.
2. It aurally marks when you’re entering or leaving something. Sometimes these things shouldn’t go unnoticed.
3. It’s always good for a family to cheer something together.
4. It may help the kids learn geography.
5. It builds excitement.

I also do this to help myself more peacefully leave a place I love. I think, at least we can acknowlege that we’re leaving and not like we’re shaking the dust off our feet as we go:

“Bye Black Hills!”
“Bye Black Hills!”
“You Were a great place to visit!”
“You Were a great place to visit!”
“We Hope to be back in a few years!”
“We Hope to be back in a few years!”

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