So pretty much since we moved into our new house, our front door has not worked. And it was drab and Debbie wanted windows into our entryway.

So we asked philthecarl, Chairman and CEO of Phil Carlson Custom Woodcraft to come take a look. Want to see the results?

We are extremely pleased with the results. It’s nice to see sunlight coming from the north part of our living room. And Phil did it for significantly less of a cost than the guy from Home Depot would have charged us.

Theological conversation and/or explanations of what he’s doing at each point* of the process are available upon request. Thank, Phil!

* You may note the big opening in our house visible in the first picture. At first I was like “Wow, I wanted a new door put in here, not a big gaping hole!” But Phil patiently and helpfully explained that before putting the new door in, he had to take the old door out. Which makes sense when you think about it.