Real dialogue heard in our kitchen just after supper on Sunday:

Dad: You know, while some might call me a ‘hero’ for making supper for all of us I think that’s going a little far. I mean sure, it was a helpful act that made life nicer for my entire family and was not self serving at all, but I think it stops short of being heroic.

Son 1 (11):  What is he saying?

Son 2 (12):  I have no idea.



Hey, if Jessica can do it, so can I.

Menu for the evening: Popcorn*, Apples, Peanuts and Leftover Pizza.

Debbie was on the couch, sick.

And no, I didn’t make quotation marks with my fingers when I said ‘Hero’, but I wish now that I had.

* What do you want from me? We had tacos for lunch and French toast for breakfast, both of which I had at least a minor role of getting on the table.