11 Reasons to bring your kids on a Park Clean Up Project

(Last weekend, as we have done in other springs past, JamFam spent some time picking up garbage at the beach/playground park at Lake Gervais. We recommend this for your family. Here are some reasons.)

* It’s just one more reason to go on a picnic.

* It’s like a scavenger hunt!

* It makes your family act as a team. Group project!

* It teaches kids to cherish what God has created

* It encourages kids to not litter

* If your church uses the Children’s Desiring God Program and one of your kids is using the K/1 curriculum, this will enable them to get a reward pin for their ribbon!

* Your kids can see results of their work.

* You might find some interesting stuff.

* You will see the park from a new perspective.

* If you have a child that hates the idea of touching garbage, this can show them that there is often value in doing something you hate.

* It can be a ministry from your family to an entire community.

Please Note: Photos By Carl

A few tips:

Bring lots of bags to collect the garbage.

To prevent risk of sickness, you may want to bring plastic gloves (that you can buy at any grocery store for a buck per twenty) and/or anti-bacteria cream. But our family has done these projects without either of these to no ill-effect.

And a quick unrelated question:

Do you think Foster looks cute in this hat? (Answer Yes or No)