Dads, when it comes to leading spiritual times with your kids, you should:

– Teach them the Gospel
– Teach them hymns
– Read to them from the Bible
– Go over the papers they’ve gotten from Sunday School
– Pray with them
– Read them children’s Bibles
– Bless them
– Memorize scripture
– Read to them missionary biographies
– Talk about missionaries you are supporting
– Teach them the Gospel

What, you say you couldn’t possibly do all of those things every day? Well, then you are a bad dad*.

Okay, I just looked at my notes and it turns out that wasn’t what I was going to say.

What I was going to say that is that not being able to do all of the things on this list means you are normal.  So if you are doing none of these things, start doing one of them.  If you are doing one of them, try doing two of them.  And then three and four. . .

If it’s been a while since you’ve done one of these things (or you’ve never done it), try doing it.

Be creatively consistent.

What did I leave off my list?

* Egad.