Things I Learned This Weekend

* Maple syrup tapping might make one inexplicably wish that it weren’t quite so warm out.

* The average Twin Cities high temperature for this time of March is 39 degrees.

* One effective way to clean a real live lamb is to use Woolite (this data from the person who brought the lamb into Sunday School for an object lesson today)

* Our son Foster doesn’t really like to be in a swing of any kind.

* Stromboli made by my wife (new recipe) is really good.

* Putting pictures into a blog post is actually quite easy.

* The drill bit for making the hole in the tree to put the sap tap in was actually in my toolbox the whole time.

* My son Barrett won’t mind falling through the ice on Lake Vadnais if the water is only a foot and a half deep. In fact, he will treat it like an adventure.