11 Reasons I’m Glad Debbie Is A Part Of Our Family

1. So much of what she does is impressive, but she is never impressed with herself.

2. She trusts God and seeks after his will.

3. She has been willing to cook in a kitchen that is too small for nearly 4 years and is only now demanding that we make it bigger.

4. Teaching a child to read takes much patience. She has done this (or is doing this) with six children.

5. She always working towards a more perfect way of life.

6. She requires very little rest and relaxation during the day.

7. Okay, this one surprised me – when I asked 10 year old Barrett for an idea for this list he said that he appreciated that she was willing to “punish” them.

8. She has been a Fighter-verse-song-recording widow (i.e. I was away from home many nights this past fall), and she bears with it graciously.

9. (From Daniel and Adelyn) She makes good homemade pizza, oven pancakes, spaghetti, and donuts.

10. Also from Barrett: “If I grow up and get married it will be pretty hard to find a lady like Mommy.”

11. I’m in agreement with him – It was only a miraculous act of God’s grace and blessing that I managed to secure such a wise, beautiful, loving and gifted woman’s hand in marriage.