. . . said my daughter to her sister.

And this was the situation. All throughout suppertime, our middle two boys, especially Barrett (9 years old) were telling Debbie and I that they had something prepared for us in their bedroom, and kept asking us if we were done so we could go down there.

Finally we were and we followed them down. They had set up, in their room, a fairly impressive restaurant. This included two candle lit tables with checkered tableclothes and chairs. The room was decorated and the “walls” (blankets over the bunk beds) were lit from behind. There was music playing.

They had set up a kitchen in the closet. They gave us menus with several items to choose from. And then they took our orders and prepared the food for us. And at the end they gave us ice cream that they had made. I was impressed.

Adelyn – younger sister – was aware that her brothers were going for a certain atmosphere, and when her sister said something that went against that atmosphere,  she made the suggestion (as noted above):

“Don’t wreck the restaurant.”

She was saying – the boys have gone to a lot of work. Don’t screw it for them.

This, I deem, is the responsibility of guests. To allow the Host or Hostess to serve them. To not go against the plan. To let the plan flourish.

Husbands and wives, I suggest that you follow this advice with your spouses. To her or him who has prepared and worked, give them the decency of letting them enjoy the fruits of their work. And if you enjoy it, make sure they know.


So how do you like that? Moralizing and Bragging Dad all in one post.