11 Questions To Ask You Before You Tattle On Your Sibling:

1. Is what I’m tattling about really a sin?
2. Am I sure he really did it?
3. Am I just trying to get her into trouble?
4. Is he in danger of hurting himself or others?
5. Is my tattling a betrayal?
6. Would you care that your sister was doing this if Dad wasn’t around?
7. Am I doing unto my sister what I’d want done for me?
8. Is Mom really, really busy right now?
9. Would it be an act of Grace for me to just point out to her that what she’s doing is wrong?
10. Am I being a hypocrite if I tattle right now?
11. Am I tattling to get revenge?

Hey, adults, this list might be helpful for you, too. At work, in church or in your family.