Our Family is enjoying a week with cousins, aunts, and uncles. One of the cousins (Age 12) set up a Thanksgiving Jar with pieces of paper that we could write down things we were thankful for and put them in the jar.

About an hour ago, the host read them out loud as we were eating our desert. Here are some of the items put in the jar that were my favorites (I claim no originality):

I am thankful for –

My Job
My Bed
The Sun
A house
Our church
Cubbie bear
Cranberry rolls
A happy Family
Pictures of my family
Foster (our youngest son)
We always have food to eat.
Susanna and Violet (my dolls)
That God provides all our needs.
That we have a cow and a chicken
Adoption – Physically and Spiritually
The Creek that flows into Reese Creek
Day trips and vacations with my family
That there’s always more fighter verses to record
That God gives us things to do, like school, work and play
A Way to be free (through Jesus) from enslavement to sin
A person smart enough to think of having a thanksgiving jar

Yes, that last one was mine. I thank God for many blessings.