Dads, do you find yourself praying with your kids and your wife and at church and in men’s group but never by yourself? Because you don’t have time? Try this.

You use a computer every day, right? I mean, you’re reading this.

So, everyday, the first time you get on a computer, the first thing you do once you get it on, open up a notepad file (or a Word file or Visual basic or power point or wherever you can type) and type out a prayer.

Do it every day. Confess things (we don’t do enough of that, Men, do we?). Praise God. Thank God. Ask for what is important like (wisdom and peace and salvation for your kids) and less important (that a child’s cough go away).

Don’t be afraid to repeat things. Focus on God while you type. 

And then, when you’re done, just close the file without saving.

Typing out your prayer requires you to focus on what you’re praying about and prevents you from getting distracted. I recommend it.